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Ebay Auction / Listing Templates - FAQ

How do i edit wording and product images?

1) Download the Textpad software / install
2) Right click on index.html file and open with Textpad
3) Follow the comment box - e.g.
<!---------------------------Product title--Start------------------------------->
This is my product title here
<!---------------------------Product title--End------------------------------->

4) Upload your product images on the Photobucket website or if you have already uploaded your images somewhere then you need only copy the link and paste it into the template. E.g.
<!--------------------------- GALLERY IMAGE URL --Start------------------------------->

< a href="#">< img class="thumb" title="Image 2" src="
< a href="#">< img class="thumb" title="Image 3" src="

<!--------------------------- GALLERY IMAGE URL --End------------------------------->

5) When you have completed all the steps - copy the full script and paste into your eBay listing (HTML Tab).

Check this video for more detail...

Is there any restriction on use and do I need HTML knowledge?

You can use eBay templates for an unlimited time for unlimited auctions. There are no restrictions. Once you have bought the template, it is yours. You can change and modify the template.

You need only basic HTML knowledge for product description writing - e.g. <b>Bold</b>, <br> - Next paragraph. etc.. We will provide you with a full instruction document file along with the template.
How to use Auction / Listing Template?

How do I place an order for XYZ template?

Click on your template of choice. This will take you to the preview page.
Click on the Download button which is located on the right side of the page.

How/ where do I receive my template?

On payment completion, you will receive an email to your Paypal e mail address. This will have a link to download your template.
Please note the link will remain active for 24 hours only. Check your junk/ spam folder if not in your inbox.

I am interesting in your XYZ Listing / Auction template but can you change the colour?

Yes colour changes can be made. This is free of charge**
Firstly an order needs to be placed for the template you are interested in.
For modifications contact the support team and they will make the changes and send you your template to your provides e mail address.

*Any other type of modifications are chargeable*

Can you make my shop LOGO with this template?

We already provide a PSD (Photoshop File) where you can edit and make the logo for your shop.
Our support team can provide any assistance with this.

I require some modification to XYZ template. How much will this cost?

Contact our support centre with your requirements and they will provide a competitive quote.

Do you provide support service?

Yes we provide a full support service via email. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

I am interested in XYZ Listing / Auction template but can you make a matching shop design template?

Yes we can provide this service. Contact our support centre with your requirements and we will provide a quote.

I want my Listing / Auction template to be similar to my website and how long will this take?

Yes we can provide this service. Currently we expect this to take approximately 5 working days. A quote can be provided by our support centre.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept payment via Paypal only.

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